Taylors Lakes Cricket Club prides itself on its junior development and being a family club. The following
great Laker families have combined to play over 100 games between family members:

Family Combined Matches Laker Matches

McMullin 648 B. McMullin 88

K. McMullin 303

N. McMullin 82

R. McMullin 175

Shaw 454 P. Shaw 255

R. Shaw 199

Arnold / Aranyos 421 R. Aranyos 72

T. Aranyos 113

R. Arnold 76

T. Arnold 160

Marr 381 C. Marr 140

G. Marr 52

J. Marr 101

L. Marr 88

Just 341 B. Just 243

E. Just 6

M. Just 92

Morgan 324 E. Morgan 21

R. Morgan 303

Hughes 305 Ben Hughes 84

Bob Hughes 165

S. Hughes 56

Harrison 289 L. Harrison 178

S. Harrison 111

Neilson 285 C. Neilson 157

J. Neilson 128

Leslie 268 B. Leslie 57

J. Leslie 211

Duffy 238 B. Duffy 106

C. Duffy 76

J. Duffy 56

Lee 232 A. Lee 89

J. Lee 59

S. Lee 84

Grech 230 D. Grech 104

P. Grech 121

S. Grech 5

Turner 201 C.F Turner 140

R. Turner (Soft) 61

Richards 197 A. Richards 47

B. Richards 150

Shanley 187 D. Shanley 114

L. Shanley 73

Attard 182 C. Attard 2

E. Attard 56

K. Attard 124

Thorley 180 B. Thorley 1

J. Thorley 129

M. Thorley 50

Domazetovski 180 B. Domazetovski 100

S. Domazetovski 80

Verlander 178 B. Verlander 115

S. Verlander 63

Stephens 171 A. Stephens 50

M. Stephens 121

Briz 164 B. Briz 30

R. Briz 76

S. Briz 58

Lambert 157 B. Lambert 1

D. Lambert 134

N. Lambert 22

Laforgia 156 C. Laforgia 68

P. Laforgia 88

Hewitt 141 A. Hewitt 33

B. Hewitt 32

G. Hewitt 76

Finnigan 140 R. Finnigan 4

W. Finnigan 136

Wolf 140 L. Wolf 80

P. Wolf 60

Chandab 126 B. Chandab 44

H. Chandab 82

Arnell 125 B. Arnell 55

G. Arnell 70

Marshall 115 L. Marshall 99

R. Marshall 16

Greenwood 112 D. Greenwood 50

T. Greenwood 62

Horwood 112 K. Horwood 85

R. Horwood 27

Morrison 106 B. Morrison 15

G. Morrison 91

Norris 95 B. Norris 29

D. Norris 42

W. Norris 24

Rees 79 B. Rees 56

S. Rees 23

Butera 73 A. Butera 8

J. Butera 1

P. Butera 61

V. Butera 3




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