Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the way we must conduct cricket during a pandemic and the impact the lockdown may have had on some of our members, the club has reviewed the way in which we will collect membership and match fees (ball money) in season 2020/21.
For this season, we are including the match fees in the membership to avoid having to collect and handle cash at each match and thus eliminate a potential source of infection. Last season there was approximately 17 playing days which at $20 per playing day was $340. Last season full senior membership fees were $400. In addition to further cut costs, we have removed the Presentation Night (as financial Senior members from last season have already paid for this seasons) and the white playing shirt. The playing shirts can be ordered from our Apparel Manager: Peter Sakkas as a separate item if you wish to purchase them and not use last season’s shirt. The fees have also considered the reduction in game days this season and also an allowance for games lost to weather.

The resultant membership fee structure for this season inclusive of match fees (ball money) are as follows:
Senior Membership $480.00
Senior Concession Membership $400.00
Senior U18 Membership $285.00
Senior NWMCA Membership $420.00
Life members $180.00
Juniors playing Seniors $120.00


Life member and Juniors playing seniors cost is to cover match fees only.

Link to registration site:

Payment options will be as follows:
1) Pay the full amount when registering online (preferred)
2) Register online and pay via bank transfer to the clubs nominated Bendigo Bank account
Details of bank account are included in the online registration form.


This season mycricket has removed the partial payment option. If your circumstances are such that you cannot pay the full amount up front when registering, please select option 2 and contact Jason Denny 0406 582 010 to discuss options.


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