Hall of Fame - Batting | Taylors Lakes Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
191150831511160321255091*Kris McMullinTaylors Lakes2019/2020Andrew Knight Shield2 1East Coburg
27410491211511160337971774*Dion SakkasTaylors Lakes2019/2020Under 16 (2) Friday4 1Flemington 2
373150831511160321254673Kris McMullinTaylors Lakes2019/2020Andrew Knight Shield1 1Northern Lions
4631835951511160314980763*Paul ThomasTaylors Lakes2019/2020East/West 2nd XI1 1Mt Waverley
557150831511160321255857*Kris McMullinTaylors Lakes2019/2020Andrew Knight Shield4 1Oak Park
6548368461511160314981554*Ethan BrodieTaylors Lakes2019/2020East/West 2nd XI2 1Balwyn
7527461451511160336258852*Ethan JustTaylors Lakes2019/2020Under 16 (2) Friday2 1Greenvale Roos
85219464831511160314950552*Marrodon R BendTaylors Lakes2019/2020East/West 1st XI1 2Mt Waverley
9527461451511160333252452*Ethan JustTaylors Lakes2019/2020McCabe Shield 16 A1 1West Coburg
10518457681511160333252451*Ravnoor SinghTaylors Lakes2019/2020McCabe Shield 16 A1 1West Coburg
11516204311511160314991651Ryan TreloarTaylors Lakes2019/2020North/West 3rd XI2 1Kew
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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