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Number 18

An all-round performance with great support.

Number 18

#18: SCOTT VERDOORN – 120n.o & 4/24 and TIM WILLIAMS - 119 vs Clarkfield. 2nd XI. SF. 2007/08.

Playing Clarkfield at Clarkfield, we batted first under the captaincy of Tim Williams. It was one of those days where scoring seemed so difficult. I would guess we were 4/30 off 25 overs - Tim was hanging tough but the runs just weren’t coming. I poked around for a few overs for one of those real ugly ducks. But then Scotty strolled to the crease. 1st ball – yorker length ball outside off stump – a bunt through gully for 4. 2nd ball – half volley outside off – Scotty leans on it with immaculate timing – cover drive for 4. I remember being in awe of Scotty’s ability to do what he’d just done. We get to tea when Marrsy receives a phone call and we hear him say, “Yeah, we’re 4 for 80-odd so we’ll probably end up with 280.” We all looked at each other & smirked. What’s he going on about? 280? Where? How? Who? I would’ve taken 200.
Anyway, 2 hours later, Marrsy’s prediction was blown out of the park. Scotty & Tim pounded Clarkfield. They put on 119 when Tim was dismissed but Scotty saw it all the way to the end making 120 not out and we finished on 6/336. It was a stunning display after tea by Scotty. He had turned this match on its head with great support from Tim.
The following week, Scotty took 4/24 off 18 overs just for good measure as he guided us into a Grand Final.

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