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Congrats Tyno on Game 200

Taylors Lakes Cricket Club legend, life member and games record holder Simon Haigh reflects on the TLCC career of fellow club legend and life member, Tynan Arnold, in the week leading up to the latter's 200th club game.

Lakers Legends' finest student plays his 200th senior game this weekend. It only seems like yesterday that Tyno debuted in the 1st XI, alongside myself, Tuddy, Chops, Mad Dog, Disco and co. but that was fifteen years ago.

I’m more than proud to say I’ve played alongside Tyno in a lot of those 200 senior games. I think Tyno’s greatest attribute as a team-mate, is you know each week what he is going to bring to the game. He will be engaged in the contest from start to finish, an essential ingredient to be a successful wicket-keeper. He will be elite with the gloves, and he will add some flavour to the batting line-up, being able to hit balls to the boundary in all directions when required. The other great thing having Tyno as a team-mate, is if you need any peripheral cricket equipment, he will have it – bat cones, grips, fibre-glass tape, bat oil, spikes, spike tighteners, spare whites……he carries the lot.

Tyno leads the club in catches, taking his 200th catch this season (70 ahead of his nearest rival) and leads the club in stumpings (close to double his nearest rival). He won the competition wicket-keeping award in 04/05 in the 3rds, and in 08/09 in the 1sts. He is a 4-time premiership player (2x1st XI, 1x2nd XI, 1x3rd XI), being a member of two of the three-peat 1st XI dynasty in 06/07 & 08/09. He was an integral part of the 2nd XI VTCA premiership in 2012/13, where some spectacular catching behind the stumps derailed a dangerous St Francis batting line-up.

It’s been a privilege to see Tyno grow from a young kid finding his way in senior cricket to an established top level senior cricketer, and now taking on several administrative & managerial roles at the club. Without guys like Tyno, local cricket clubs don’t survive.

Tyno has provided a few quirky highlights over the years. One of my favourites was during the 2012/13 VTCA GF – He was experimenting wearing a mouthguard while keeping up to the stumps. Between overs, his gag reflex would take over & he would dry retch as he walked down the wicket to the other end. I remember hoping that he didn’t follow through and leave a nasty patch on a good length for the batsmen to deal with. I remember Ben Just being very confused by the whole thing, asking me, “What the hell is going on with Tyno?

Another was a game against Merlynston/Hadfield where Tyno had kept brilliantly all game. But upon taking the last wicket, I looked over at Tyno and he was laying face-down near the stumps. I laughed & asked, ”You right there Tyno?” He shook his head and said, “No. I’ve done my calf as I jumped to celebrate.” We carried him off the ground only to find out the next day he had torn his achilles.

But I think my favourite Tyno memory is on the night of our 2006/07 1st XI premiership win, by 2am, there were only a few of us still celebrating in the portables, highlighted by Shane Wello’s powerplays. But Tyno had wandered off and 5 minutes later there was a blue flash of light and thunderous bang from the kitchen. For a fleeting second, we thought Tyno had blown himself up. But he quickly popped his head around the corner smiling, “It’s all good. Just wanted to see what would happen if you put a can of Jim Beam in the deep-fryer.

Add to that, Tyno’s analysis of the Lakers Legend each year has been of paramount importance. I always know within a few days of him receiving a copy, I’ll be receiving a few texts pointing out an error or three.

So congratulations Tyno on 200 games. There is no doubt you have been the best wicket keeper at the club in its history. Your ability to sustain such a high level of performance behind the stumps for over 20 years has usually meant you’re the first guy picked in any team, and you have always had the utmost respect from your teammates because we know you care about the team, and the club.

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